Alupra is a homage to Chile’s damp southern lands inhabited by our national flower. The copihue has inspired countless legends of love and blood, rooted in the deepest part of our untamed culture.


Alupra represents these myths, composing the most emotive of visual poems of the austral flora, a poem in which we proudly see our flower as it subtly sways from the trees like an elegant bell that with its silence quiets time and captivates the soul.


“Alupra” comes from the Mapudungun word for “upon high”.


Alupra is the achievement of a business venture that brings more than 15 years of study and research together, making us the only authorized nursery in the world that has all the necessary legal certification to produce and harvest Copihue flowers.


Alupra encourages legal, regulated commerce of this wild, novel species and stimulates the spirit of innovation while its sustainable vision promotes the conservation of the Copihue’s natural habitat.


We are located in the heart of the IX Region, the Araucanía.