Alupra focuses copihues develop the cultivation of multiple varieties under controlled conditions to produce cut flowers and plants and supply the domestic and international markets, encouraging legal and regulated trade in this wild and novel species, reaching sustainable innovative and competitive attitudes in the while promoting conservation in the wild.


Our goal is to supply the entire national and international market with cut flowers and plants copihue responsible and controlled production, encouraging sustainable attitudes toward the species in question, heritage and natural, avoiding permanent extinction. Alupra is the achievement of a business venture that combines more than 15 study and research, becoming the only authorized by the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) to produce and cut flowers Copihues nursery. Production January to July concentrating the peak of flowering in the months of March to May


Our nursery is technically designed to replicate the natural ecosystem copihue and give it a habitat for quality flowers and longer in 2,000 m2 stayed Copihues 25 varieties of most existing in the world.



It is open all year See by guided tours


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