Toasted petal and copihue fruit seed paste, consistent and stable for use in percillade and rectification for fish sauces and game meat.


Sweet union of textured petals with its fruit in praline. Ideal for parfait, mousse and cupcakes.


Macerated petals with southern Chilean endemic fruit. Perfect for marinating with cheeses, charcuterie, sorbet and vegetables.


Fine selection of petals scented with spices and herbs endemic, exlusivamente designed as garnish for martinis.






I could not have been more than 10 years old when I saw a copihue for the first time. Its contoured shape and the delicacy of its petals dancing in the wind captivated a young girl’s deep admiration, a girl who has watched and loved these flowers for a lifetime.


Years later I returned to the forests of my childhood in search of this secret pleasure and little by little I realized that they were almost extinct. My father, with a passion like mine, built a shelter at the end of the world for my little secret.


There, in the bosom of the Araucanía, now grew an astonishing, versatile bell, possessed of an unexplainable beauty, rescued from man’s carnage. One day as I was walking with my mother through this secret refuge, I watched as a hummingbird tenderly found delight in the magic of my magnificent flower. My heart was overwhelmed by such unadulterated beauty. I still can’t explain my actions, but as I brought the copihue to my




mouth, imitating the hummingbird, I felt magic and fear and my taste buds were filled with wonder. I had never tasted anything like it.


Never in my childhood dreams would I have imaged that something like that could be possible. And so Alupra Gourmet was born, with the eager intent of sharing my little secret with the world.


The union of the copihue and southern Chile’s endemic fruit invites us to savor our southern land’s riches. This family project endeavors to show that which is hidden in the deepest part of our country, in the womb of Chile’s Mother Earth.


Carefully, lovingly we bring a new, never-before-seen product that is created with a mother’s love, using unique recipes and revolutionary processes, so that the treasures of our native peoples may dance on your tongue. Allow us to present our unique, delicate products: Petal Garniture, Petal Confit, Petal Tapenade and Petal Dressing.